HTC Sync

What is HTC Sync?

HTC Sync is powerful software that lets you maximize the use of your Android-powered HTC phone. You can enjoy heightened connectivity between your phone and your PC or laptop by using the HTC Sync suite. The HTC Sync software can be used to synchronize your Outlook contacts and its calendar, your Outlook Express contacts, and your bookmarked pages in your [Android] phone and PC’s web browser. Aside from letting you enjoy a connected phone and personal computer, HTC Sync also lets you enjoy third-party Android applications through easy installation. It also lets you transfer images, songs, videos, documents, and playlists from your PC to your phone in one easy click.

Since there are a variety of HTC phones in the market, there are different HTC Sync Drivers available for download that are especially designed for use in your phone. To know more about how to install HTC Sync, read on:

Installing HTC Sync

The HTC Sync download is available at the official HTC Sync download page at HTC’s website. To get the right HTC Sync software download, you have to specify what type of HTC phone you have. The system will direct you to a download page of the proper HTC Sync version that is suitable for use on your phone.

You need to download the software to your PC before you can install the system on your Android phone. Simply follow the directions listed on the download page. There are different instructions for installation for HTC Sync capable phones, so make sure that you are following directions from the right download/instruction page. A few versions available for download are the HTC Sync Aria, HTC Sync Hero, HTC Sync Eris, HTC Hero Sync, and HTC Sync Thunderbolt, among others.


How to Uninstall HTC Sync

If you encounter HTC Sync problems or you would simply like to remove HTC Sync, use your HTC Sync Manager from your PC and follow the step-by-step prompt for uninstallation. The process can take as little as 2 minutes to finish. If you encounter any problems with your HTC Sync, we recommend that you keep checking back to the official site of HTC Sync for newer versions available for download. The problems you may be encountering with HTC may just be due to older versions of the software, so getting an upgraded version may be the proper fix to your problem.

Have more fun with your HTC phone. After all, any Android-powered phone was never built to be boring. See how much more you can do with your phone by downloading the HTC Sync.